Virtual Photo Session

A photoshoot from the comfort of your home

This experience is for everyone who wants to try something new. It's a fun way to break up the monotony of days that have been running together as of late.
It's an experience that gives you a new purpose; a reason to dress up and get out of a routine that may be causing a feeling of loneliness.
Document this moment in time with images that say "I am here. I am strong.  I am beautiful."
Click on the button below and choose from two new session experiences. More details are listed below.

What is a Virtual Photo Session?

A Virtual Photo Session is a fun and artistic way to have a photo shoot experience from the comfort of your home.
 The experience is done over a ZOOM video link. You will receive a unique link and password to access our private  meeting.
It's a time to play and create while we stay safe in our homes!

How to book and Prepare

Purchase  the package of your choice to book your session.
You will receive a confirmation email with your chosen session with the date and time of your shoot.
A link to "How to Prepare" for your session will be sent to you in a separate email.
Please text me (or email me) with images of wardrobe ideas you are considering. I'd also love to see photos of your space. This allows me to better help you with preparing for your experience.
Before your session, I will send you a private ZOOM link. The link is password protected and must be entered to join the meeting. Do not share this link.

The day of your session

Join the ZOOM meeting at the private  invitation link I have sent you. Be sure to enter the password.
You will give me a short tour to check the lighting in your space.
I will direct you in how and where best  to place your camera ( ie webcam, phone, or tablet).
Most of all, relax and know you will be having some fun!
Remember, I will be coaching you, giving  you direction on posing, angles, wardrobe, etc. for the entire time

Your images

Your images will be shared with you a couple of days after your session. I cannot wait to share work that is new to the studio. All images will have unique qualities because everyone has their unique locations, internet connections, and "camera" gear.
It will be fun to create images with fun and funky retro vibes, moody black and white images reminiscent of the 70 and 80's, or styled like the old world vintage styles taken over 100 years ago.
Every image will become a treasured memento of this time in your life. I encourage you to share them with your family and friends near and far!  


What Do I Wear? 
I will send you a guide with tips and suggestions for what to wear. Truthfully wear what ever you want. Yoga pants, loungewear, jeans, lingerie, or nothing at's totally your choice. We will be in contact before your shoot so text me any questions or  ideas you have.

Hair and Makeup?
I encourage you to do your regular routine for leaving your home under normal circumstances. If you love to wear makeup and do your hair, do it. If you love a more natural look for every day, do it. The choice is up to you. You're always beautiful.

Am I allowed to share my images online?
Of course. The images are yours to do with what you wish.

Are the images print quality?
I will be using a screen capture process so image quality is not the same as using my DSLR. Images are more grainy depending on several factors* and are best suited for device sharing and social media.  This will require you to remain still during the shooting.
Think of this as the old process of shooting film. They will be a bit more grainy and of a lower resolution but I am excited to experiment with results and cannot wait to share your images with you.

Does This Replace the Regular In-Studio Experience?
No. You will see some similarities however, the Virtual Session and Studio Session Experiences are totally different.
A Virtual Session is conducted over a ZOOM Meeting and every session has unique qualities.
A virtual session  is only 30 min of shooting time. Each individual will have very different sessions because of lighting, home environments, internet connection, equipment, etc. Images are typically not print quality.
An in-studio session lasts 4 hours. Each session has a consistent lighting setup, environment, professional camera equipment etc, Studio Images are always high resolution and print quality.

Will you be sharing my images online?
Everyone who purchases the session experience must sign a consent and release form prior to being photographed.  Your consent gives me permission to photograph you and to use them for marketing and advertising purposes.

Why are you doing Virtual Sessions?
There are many reasons for wanting  to do virtual sessions.
  •  I miss you.  I miss working with you. I am a very social person (and a hugger to boot), and not being able  to see you, talk with you, laugh with you, and sometimes cry with you in person is really creating a void in my life right now.
  •  I miss creating. I adore creating beautiful images for you! Without my work, I have been  absolutely lost. Virtual Sessions have lit a spark inside that has made the days much brighter! The desires to create art and use ones skills do not die during a time of trial. If anything they make the desires stronger.
  • I need to support my business. I am not able to open my doors to the studio to welcome in clients. Not only because of COVID-19 but also because I am a primary care supporter for my father. However, I still want to work, I crave the process, 
and the ability to offer Virtual Sessions allows me to generate revenue that keeps the business going. It also allows me to document this time with you; for you, for your family and  future generations.
How awesome it is that we have the ability to create portraits and art with such technology! Thank you for supporting a local, independently owned, small business.
Sincerely - Rebecca, R. L. Studio Portraiture

Choose your package

Something simple - $99

  • Wardrobe guide
  • 30 - 40 min session
  • 2 outfits
  • 10 pre-edited images

Something Extra - $195

  • Wardrobe guide
  • 45 - 60  min session
  • 3-4 outfits
  • 20  pre-edited images
SPECIAL NOTE:  By booking your Virtual Photo Session you agree that every photo shoot will vary in quality, based on each clients individual environment/lighting, internet connection, and personal equipment used. Image selection and Image editing is at the sole discretion of Rebecca Lewis, R. L. Studio Portraiture. Digital images shall be provided in an email with private link via Dropbox. 
SPECIAL GIFT: A special gift will be snail mailed to you after your photo shoot. With current Covid-19 precautions and procedures there may be some delays in delivery. Health and wellness to you and your loved ones.